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".... recently had a successful tour of Madras, gave a dazzling performance here too. Her excellent elaboration of the raga TANARUPI and krithi "Nambadiru ee deha" was the evidence for her mastery over the art.."

- Saragrahi , Indian Express

"The 'RAGAMALIKA TALAVADHANA PALLAVI' was a intense formidable display of the intense concentration and technical command weilding six talas (4 on the right and 2 on the left) simultaneously. "

- Indian Express , Madras

"It was T. S. Sathyavathi , who had kept the audience under the trance of divine Madhyamavathi in its full bloom, dancing, rippling and pouring. Her 'Palinchu Kamakshi' displayed the genius of a seasoned artiste."

- Idhayam, Madras

"Gave a scintillating vocal concert. She demonstrated rare talent in raga elaboration, neraval, and swara delineation. She is gifted with a melodious voice and she made the best use of it. "

- Indian Express, Tenali

"Her voice is golden. A most unique feature of her singing is her effortlessness.. No contortions of face or body. She weaves the most difficult phrases with ease."

- Statesman, Delhi

"There was an utter spontaneity in the racy sangati-s, one more opposite than the other in exemplifying the lyrical grandeur of the compositions. Her alapana for Shankarabharana was an essay in the in-depth study of the time tested melody. One could discern in it a high degree of classical insight every note imbued with the spirit of the raga."

- Indian Express, Bangalore

"Sriranjini was a remarkable essay with passages of stunning cadences across the octaves and her kalpana swaras  flourished on sarvalaghu patterns high on bhava. Her two phase raga alapana of kalyani showed her strength in laying before the listeners the ghana-naya method"

- The Hindu - Delhi

"It was clear from the opening varna itself that the vocalist has a commandable grasp over the different facets of kucheri."

- Deccan Herald, Bangalore

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